What A Little Paint Can Do

Take a look at this before and after transformation!

I recently had the opportunity to repaint this armoire for a client.  Just a basic paint job. No repairs, no rebuilding, no stripping/sanding/staining.  Yet it is amazing to me what paint can do.painted furniture, armoire, Amy's Upcycles

The armoire belonged to the client when she was a child, so it carries a lot of sentimental value.  It also had some really beautiful detail –unlike I had ever seen before–that almost went unnoticed.  I just knew it had to be highlighted in a special way.

She knew that she wanted it to be a medium shade of blue.  As blues can be tricky (you can easily end up in the baby-blue family) I suggested she look at the color I used for an armoire that I previously refinished for my office.  She loved the color, so we went with Britannia Blue by Benjamin Moore.  The room where the finished armoire is being used has silver-toned metals, so I found some really cool hammered-silver drawer pulls in my stash that are perfect.

Finally, I needed to decide how to highlight that gorgeous detail on the front of the armoire.  I selected two shades of metallic rub-on finish (black and silver) and layered the colors on top of the detail.  The color transfers to the raised areas of the wood only, allowing the blue paint to remain the background.

painted furniture, armoire, Amy's Upcycles

painted furniture, armoire, Amy's Upcycles

I spray painted the brass hinges with a mix of silver and black paint to match the drawer pulls.  Check out the finished piece!

painted furniture, armoire, Amy's Upcycles

Even I was surprised at what a difference a little paint can make!


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