Snazzy Storage Upgrade

I client of mine came across this cool little cabinet.  It is unique in how many drawers it has for storage and definitely has a vintage feel.  The problem was that it looked a little too much like a piece of office furniture.  We decided that the original finish on the metal should stay as is, but it needed a few little additions to make it fit in a home setting.

I built a wooden top to add warmth and a homey feel.  The medium color stain blends with the vintage charm and wear of the existing piece.  We also determined it looked a little flat on the bottom and could use some sort of base.  Casters added mobility and additional charm.  The finished piece has a prominent place in the hall -visible from the main living area- and adjacent to the spare room, bathroom and storage room.  With that prime location, the uses for all of those cubbies are endless!  I think the finished piece is worthy of any home setting.


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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