The Server with (Almost) No Love

When a client reached out to me to refinish her server, I was super excited.  It has GORGEOUS lines, curves, and hardware!  What it didn’t have was the love of the rest of her family.  Nobody wanted her to keep this piece.  Challenge accepted!!

server, buffet, makeover, painted furniture

The biggest factor that this server had working against it was the finish.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I stripped the almost plastic-like coating from the top.

server, buffet, makeover, painted furniture

To my complete joy, it was one of the most beautiful wood tops I have ever seen.  Stunning grain and color.

server, buffet, makeover, painted furniture
Just look at that wood grain!!

The client wanted to keep the top stained and have the body of the server painted.  I knew that using paint with a dry brush technique over top would bring out all the beautiful details.  She selected Benjamin Moore’s Desert Twilight for the body and wanted a dark stain for the top.  I brushed over the painted surface with black to highlight the details.  The top got a blend of dark stains to achieve the tone she was looking for.  Finally, I sealed the entire piece with Minwax Polycrylic in Satin finish.

server, buffet, makeover, painted furniture

server, buffet, makeover, painted furniture

I’m so excited to hear the family’s reaction to the makeover.  I, personally, think it’s a keeper!


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