buffet repurposed to wine bar

Reinventing An Inherited Buffet

One of my most recent projects was repurposing a buffet that had been passed down from my client's grandmother. Structurally, the buffet was in excellent condition, but showed some wear and tear on the finish.  She had seen one of my previous projects and wanted to convert this buffet into a wine bar.  After discussing… Continue reading Reinventing An Inherited Buffet

Black distressed hutch, before and after
Custom Built

Creative Storage Solution

My client originally contacted me to build storage cabinets to flank her distressed black buffet and hutch.  She does not have enough storage for pantry items and needed a solution.  We discussed options back and forth and never really could come up with an option that would give her what she needed without taking away… Continue reading Creative Storage Solution

white buffet, lilac and lace co

Sentimental Setting

A lot of my refinishing projects focus on sentiment.  This project has a different twist because the finished piece is designed to create a feel.  This piece belongs to Lilac and Lace -- a company that rents out furniture for events.  So sentiment comes in the form of creating a wonderful backdrop for a memorable event.… Continue reading Sentimental Setting


Returning Furniture to its Original Finish

Many of the pieces that I make over have elements of paint.  Paint can be used to refresh a dated look, coordinate with a client's style, express creative license or cover damage too extensive to blend into a stained finish.  However, when I client asks me to return a piece to its original finish, there… Continue reading Returning Furniture to its Original Finish

server, buffet, makeover, painted furniture

The Server with (Almost) No Love

When a client reached out to me to refinish her server, I was super excited.  It has GORGEOUS lines, curves, and hardware!  What it didn't have was the love of the rest of her family.  Nobody wanted her to keep this piece.  Challenge accepted!! The biggest factor that this server had working against it was… Continue reading The Server with (Almost) No Love


Beautiful Both Ways

I'm so excited to share this makeover with you!  This buffet and hutch were GORGEOUS before I laid hands on it. It was finished in a classic golden oak stain and was in pristine condition (can you believe she has owned it for 30 years?).  The only problem was that the yellow undertones of the… Continue reading Beautiful Both Ways


Back to its Original Glory

I was asked to refinish this beautiful buffet.  It has been in the client's family for generations and had seen a lot of use. This piece was in great structural condition, but the finish was in bad shape.  The top had a lot of stains and rings, and the old finish had become textured and… Continue reading Back to its Original Glory


Summer Color

When I first saw this buffet, I knew that it was special.  It had beautiful detail that was going to be spectacular once it was highlighted.  Overall it was in excellent condition aside from the giant chunk out of the top and several deep scratches.   The chunk eliminated any chance of staining the top,… Continue reading Summer Color