Rustic Inheritance Turns Functional for the Kitchen

This piece belonged my my client’s mother in law.  We are unsure if it originally functioned as a dry sink or a potting bench, but either way, it is a great sentimental piece that she wanted to use in her kitchen.

Green dry sink/potting bench before

She chose a silvery-gray color to blend with her kitchen counters.  After completing the cleaning, prep work, priming, and painting, it looked beautiful but a little flat and one dimensional in appearance.  I called my client and asked if I could dry brush the entire piece in a dark gray to highlight the textures and character of the wood.  I knew she didn’t want visible strokes, but by working with a VERY dry brush, I could highlight the rustic character without taking away from the color.

Dry brushing over textured wood

After sending her photos of test-areas and getting her blessing I proceed with the entire piece.  I replaced the brass cup hooks with a couple of hand forged rustic hooks to add character and style and sealed the finish with a protective topcoat in a satin sheen.

Hand-forged hooks

I love how the rustic wood and fresh paint balance one another out and create a finish that is perfect for the kitchen.


Refinished potting bench

Potting bench refinished

Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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