One-of-a-Kind Sets You Apart

I recently visited the home of a wonderful couple.  When I walked in the front door, my eye immediately went to a fabulous red high chair in the next room.

one-of-a-kind furniture, upcycle, Amy's Upcycles, painted furniture

I was curious because the couple does not have small children, but it was just such a cool piece.  After chatting with them for a while, the topic of the high chair came up.  It turns out that it was the chair that has been in the family for about 65 years, passed down from his grandfather to his father and from his father to him.  It had been used for everything from a step stool to giving haircuts to the kids.  The owner shared that it was in terrible condition but he just couldn’t get rid of it.  He put a lot of time and effort into cleaning it up and restoring it.

one-of-a-kind furniture, upcycle, Amy's Upcycles, painted furniture

He painted it the cheery shade of red and had a custom cushion made for it out of fabric with a barber shop print.  This beautiful piece of family history now holds a prominent place in his home.


one-of-a-kind furniture, upcycle, Amy's Upcycles, painted furniture

When you walk into someone’s home, think about the first thing that grabs your attention.

Ok, for me it is any pet that happens to greet me.  But I’m talking about after that.  What do you see?  What grabs your attention?  Is it the expensive living room set from a high-end retailer?  Is it the sectional sofa?  Maybe.  But more often than not, it is that unique piece.  You know, the one that is like nothing you have ever seen before.  The one with the pop of color or amazing antique lines.  It’s the one-of-a-kind pieces.

The beauty of upcycling is that it allows you to customize old or unique pieces into one-of-a-kind show-stoppers.

Now naturally, you don’t want every piece of furniture in your home to be a “showstopper” or you will end up living in a circus.  But that strategically placed unique piece is what people will remember.  And what you will cherish.


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