Made-Over Stool Gets Passed Down in the Family

Our family lost our matriarch (my mother-in-law) in February of this year.  In the time since the family has gone through the process of sorting through her belongings and selling her home of 50+ years.  It is an emotional and difficult process, as many of you know.  The photos and sentimental items are distributed throughout the family to cherish.

One such item that was saved and made its way to me was this small stool. My sister-in-law called it the “violin stool” due to the cut-out shapes on the sides.  (I think it was actually a milking stool originally).  It is solid wood and very well-made. She thought I might want to refinish it.

Old stool

I decided to take inspiration from her vision and see if I could replicate a violin.  I sanded the top down and used a stain with a strong orange undertone to replicate the color of a violin.  I hand-painted a violin on top in shades of black and gray and painted to legs black to compliment the design.

Stool with violin design

Finally, I coated the stool with poly to give it the shine of a polished violin.

Stool with violin design

I am so happy to be giving the stool back to my sister-in-law.  Her granddaughter plays the violin, and she is going to give her the stool.  Not only does a sentimental piece get to stay in the family, but it will be appreciated by a young musician!


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