Top 5 Ways to Source Furniture for DIY Makeovers

Sourcing furniture for DIY projects can be fun and exhilarating.  Check out my top 5 resources for scoring the best pieces.

If you are interested in DIY furniture upcycling, the first obvious step is sourcing your pieces. I have gone through a lot of trial and error to determine the best places to find furniture for the lowest price. And today, you get to benefit from my expensive wisdom!

One option is to go to thrift stores. I have found many good pieces at thrift stores, but have noticed in recent years that with the advent of shows like “Flea Market Flip”, the price of furniture at thrift stores has skyrocketed. You need to be very savvy to not overspend at these shops.

Facebook Marketplace offers an easy way to search for specific items in your area.  It can be pretty competitive for quality furniture, so you need to stay on top of new listings.  You communicate directly with the seller on Messenger and can ask questions, haggle and arrange for pickup.

One of my favorite ways to source furniture is through auctions. is a fantastic tool for finding local auctions. You can search for auctions by area, review items up for auction in advance, and even create an auction calendar for yourself. If you are new to auctions, my suggestion is to go to a couple and just observe. You will quickly get the hang of the nuances of each auction and auctioneer (and you will be able to determine if you can actually understand the auctioneer). I was terrified to attend my first auction because I was convinced that I was going to inadvertently scratch my nose and be on the hook for $10,000 stamp collection! Once you get comfortable with the auctioneer, you can jump into the bidding. IMPORTANT TIP—set your limit in your head BEFORE you start bidding. It is way too easy to get swept up in the moment and overspend.

Another option–provided you are not looking for a specific piece–is shopping garage sales.  Keep in mind that even garage sales have been hit with the “my junk is worth a million dollars” phenomenon and I have actually seen people asking as much as it would cost to buy the piece new. YIKES! Buyer beware!

Finally, and clearly the least dignified is dumpster diving/stopping along the road for free stuff. You can find AMAZING things out by the curb! I make it my policy to ask the homeowner if there is not a “FREE” sign posted. Not the most glamorous, but I have scored some great pieces this way!

There is an abundance of great old furniture out there just waiting to be rescued! Don’t be afraid to grab a piece that speaks to you—even if it looks a little rough around the edges. The possibilities are endless!

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