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Thinking Outside the Block

When we overhauled our kitchen last year, we replaced our laminate kitchen counters with butcherblock.  We purchased the unfinished butcher block and stained, sealed and installed them ourselves.  Now, if your kitchen is anything like ours, you know how valuable counter space is and how easy it is for it to get away from you.… Continue reading Thinking Outside the Block

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Reducing Drafts

A client recently asked me to help her reduce the draft in her living room that was coming from her fireplace surround.  It seemed that no matter what she tried, there was always a "wind" blowing from the fireplace.  She had the idea of covering the entire opening to reduce the airflow but wanted it… Continue reading Reducing Drafts

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Dry Sink and Cedar Chest Makeover

I had the pleasure of refinishing a dry sink and cedar chest for a client recently.  Both items had been in the family and held sentimental value.  The dry sink had been painted red at some point over the years, and had also served as a teething block for some puppies along the way!  It… Continue reading Dry Sink and Cedar Chest Makeover

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Not Exactly as I Planned

When I spotted this beauty at an auction, I knew I had to have her. (OK, maybe former beauty, but I could see her potential). I knew exactly what I wanted to do to bring her back to life. And then I got her home. Let's just say things did not go as planned. I… Continue reading Not Exactly as I Planned


The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that make a room. That one small detail that evokes a special memory. And sometimes, these details start out as something less that ideal. It happened to me when I spotted this metal art at a flea market for $6 (so cheap I didn't even have the heart to barter… Continue reading The Little Things